How can I improve my distribution network in the EU ?

EU-Distribution audit - How are my business partner and sales channels doing?

  • Partner's product portfolio
  • Competitive analysis
  • Why is my product not performing in the EU ?
  • How good is my partner's sales approach
  • Dedicated sales ressources ?


Europe is the biggest market place in the world. Within Europe, Germany and France lead the way and participate with more than 35% in the European GDP. DOREA-Consulting can help you to take the right decisions by auditing your distribution network and channel partners to improve your sales.

Ask us for a customized and detailed proposal for a complete audit of your distribution strategy. We can give you insights on how to increase your performance and improve your existing sales channels.

For more information, you can download our PDF presentation or contact us.

Business Facilitation & development

Defending your interests on an international platform is our everyday business.

DOREA-Consulting has an experienced entity which is dedicated to setting up new business relations. We are experienced in solving critical time to market issues, helping you to promote and kick-start selling your product efficiently abroad.

Phase 1 "Build" : "Define your strategy based on solid research"

  • Market analysis
  • Product strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Competitive, analysis - know your competitors, their pricing...

Phase 2 "Run" : "The implementation" Helping you to make your plans come true.

  • Identification and signup of new channel partners
  • Helping you to close strategic business and improve sales
  • End-customer / channel partner communication management


Our global business approach takes care of financial, managerial, contractual and practical issues of any type to connect your business successfully with new partners and customers on an international scale.