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DOREA-Consulting is a consulting firm with offices and partners in Germany, France and in the United-States. Our strategy is aimed at building long term relationships with our customers worldwide. The challenges of our customers are global and many of our customers are active on an international scale.

Are you looking to develop your company’s activities in Europe? DOREA-Consulting can help you with all relevant questions and provides on-demand services. We provide practical and hands-on services such as:  

Service Overview

  • Identify new channel partners and distributors
  • Hands on sales activities in Germany and in France (other EU countries available)
  • Business intelligence
  • Financing, opening a branch in the EU ?
  • A dedicated sales, pre-sales and local assistance support (French, German, Spanish and English)
  • Competitive and market analysisDedicated sales ressources  

Our on-demand services allow small and medium sized companies to conquer efficiently new markets with a limited budget . 

Ask us for a free and tailor made estimate to boost your business in Europe.




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